Effective Substance Abuse Treatment in Tampa

In the Tampa Bay area, more than ever before, people are abusing drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse effects every age, demographic and income bracket. Whether it is alcohol, prescription medications or street drugs, many people at some point in time will find themselves reaching out to a substance abuse counselor in Tampa.

Most people seeking substance abuse counselors in Tampa do not wake up one day and decide that they would like to be addicted to alcohol or drugs. For most people, substance abuse is progressive and becomes a problem over time.

Since most substance abuse problems evolve over a period of time, it will most likely take more time to begin to heal and overcome any addiction. There is hope by seeking Tampa substance abuse treatment!

Whether it is the over-consumption of prescription medications taken for back pain caused by an accident, binge drinking on the weekends or even seemingly benign marijuana usage, substance abuse can have detrimental physical, economic, emotional and social effects on the user’s life. Part of the process of substance abuse treatment at Tampa Substance Abuse is to guide the person to develop an awareness of the driving emotions behind their addictions. Another benefit of treatment is to help the substance abuser gain the mental strength in order to overcome both cravings and addictions.

Whether it is divorce, lost jobs, DUI’s, homelessness or even near-death situations as a result of their drug use or alcohol, for many people it takes “hitting bottom” to come out of the denial phase. Once the user has come out of the denial phase by acknowledging their addictions are a having detrimental effects on their life, the detoxification process can begin. If the person’s addictions and cravings are severe, medical supervision may be advised during the detoxification phase of the Tampa Substance Abuse treatment plan. The detoxification phase can sometimes include a drug rehabilitation stay until the withdrawal symptoms subside.

Gain new coping skills and make new connections:

When you or your love one decides to attend inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient services, (depending on the persons particular needs) behavioral therapy, individual counseling, family therapy and support groups will be recommended. Counseling and therapy sessions offer new coping skills to help overcome addictions when tempted, but more importantly counseling and therapy sessions will help to establish a treatment plan for the user.

Additionally, support groups play a vital role in recovery because attending support groups will allow the person in recovery to establish a deep connection with other people struggling with addiction.

Substance abuse treatment in Tampa can save you or your loved ones life. The sooner that the substance-abuser gets treatment the better. Life is too short to risk so much! Have faith; with some time, effort and the conscious decision to start living a drug and alcohol-free life, anyone can learn new ways to overcome their addictions.

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