Achieving Wellness, Success, and Fulfillment Together

  • Behavioral Health Services for LTC

    Achieve Wellness Group provides integrated behavioral health services to residents of long term care facilities. Our service delivery system is outstanding in quality care, customer service and clinical coordination. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing individualized services with care, compassion, and dignity. Patients, families, and staff are delighted with our exceptional service.

    All Behavioral Health Services are provided by doctoral-level licensed Psychologists, a Neuropsychologist, licensed masters-level Social Workers, Psychiatric Physician Assistants and doctoral and masters-level Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners.

    Services provided in convenient locations: on-site at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities:

    • Psychiatric Evaluation and Management
    • Psychological Evaluation and Treatment
    • Neuropsychological Assessment
    • Psychological Evaluation
    • Individual, group & family therapy with routine weekly visits
    • Medication and behavior management
    • Coordination of care with facility staff, physicians, & family members
    • HIPPA compliant, survey sensitive, & MDS driven treatment documentation
  • FAQs:

    What is the referral process?

    We utilize an expedient & efficient referral process:

    • Initial Patient Identification by facility staff.
    • Telephonic Doctor’s Order obtained by facility staff (Required at SNF only).
    • Obtaining Consent from patient or POA.
    • Verification of Benefits by our staff.
    What is the cost?

    We bill Medicare (Part B) & secondary insurances directly so the facility has no financial obligations for the behavioral services. We will identify if there are any co-payments that the financially responsible party is required to pay.

    What are benefits of behavioral health services?
    • Decrease patients’ depression, anxiety, & anger & improved behavior.
    • Foster patient’s dignity, self-esteem, & closure on end-of-life issues.
    • Improved mood & behaviors of patients often results in decreased stress & greater family satisfaction.
    • Reduced collateral effects on other residents.
    • Staff productivity improves by reducing care requirements.
    • Enhanced quality of care while costs are reduced.
    • Enhancing staff understanding & competency in recognizing behavioral health needs.
    • Compliance with behavioral health measures of the MDS improves resident care & reimbursement.

Behavioral Health Services For:

    • Residents admitted with previous mental health and/or neurological diagnosis.
    • Residents admitted on psychotropic medication
    • Residents being admitted to a dementia unit
    • Residents with neuropsychological conditions
    • Residents with neurodevelopmental disorders
    • Residents with psychological and psychiatric disorders
    • Residents with chronic and acute mental and behavioral health concerns
    • Residents who trigger on Quality Indicators by the Minimal Data Set (MDS) including those exhibiting signs of:
    • Depression, sadness, loneliness, withdrawal
    • Anxiety, feeling of loss of control
    • Appetite or sleep disturbance
    • Hallucinations, delusions
    • Alcohol/Substance Abuse
    • Difficulty adjusting to change in living circumstances
    • Psychosis
    • Agitation, irritability
    • Cognitive decline
    • Confusion, memory loss or dementia
    • Behavioral problems
    • Family-related issues
    • Issues of death and terminal illness
    • Suicidal thoughts and attempts
    • Grief, bereavement