Marriage Counseling – Always a good decision.

Once upon a time there was a life in America where divorce was almost unheard of and couples really did “live happily ever after”. With the divorce rate in America at 50% what does this mean for your marriage? It means that there is still hope because happy marriages still thrive in this country!

Imagine yourself living happily in a marriage to the one that you love. Imagine growing old, sharing life’s joys and imagine how the intimacy of true love feels with your partner. If you can imagine what it feels like to have a happy marriage then luckily the dream of living happily ever after (for your marriage) is possible.

The #1 reason why marriages fail is that one or both people get into the marriage for the wrong reasons.

While there are many reasons why marriages fail in the long term the #1 reason why they fail is that one or both people get married for the wrong reasons. Whether it is because of loneliness, greed/money, sexual satisfaction or security, if both parties do not have depth to the emotions that they feel towards one another’s personality, goals and passions, then the odds are more likely that the marriage will end unhappily in divorce.

All of the best things in life are free, but that does not mean that the best things in life don’t take effort.

Even if a solid foundation of love, commitment and similar personalities is established in the beginning a marriages longevity is not certain unless both people take the time to be romantic, take the time to follow their passions together and take careful effort to bring the other spouse up. What does it mean to bring the other spouse up? It means staying positive, it means encouraging the other person, it means helping the other person as much as possible. And most importantly, it means loving the other person as much as you can, with all of your heart!

A marriage that laughs together, stays together. …as the old saying goes

Make it a point to go out together at least once a week, eat together whenever possible and most importantly laugh together. Laughter is the best medicine, so laugh often. Make the mutual decision that life is too short to miserable and watch how the world unfolds positively for your marriage.

Thinking about getting married? Marriage questions? Consider marriage counseling!

Remember, marriage counseling is not the means to an end, it’s a means to a new beginning and it is the first step that you will take towards a happier marriage. Every successful/happy person has attended some form of counseling in their life and like anything else to be successful at marriage sooner or later you will want to consider attending marriage counseling. Why not? With more to gain and nothing to lose marriage counseling makes so much sense because a happy marriage will be found when it’s sought!

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