Loss and Grief Counseling

Have you ever lost someone (or something) that has caused you to feel grief? At Achieve Wellness Group we understand the painful feelings of sadness caused by grief and how difficult that it can be to cope in times of loss. Our grief counseling can help guide you through the emotions associated with your loss and will help you to begin building a new life.

Grieving is never easy, but with the guidance of a grief counselor you can learn how to manage your grief and find ways to carry on.

Loss is often the most common type of grief. Whether it is a lost loved on, recent layoff from a job, or divorce, grief will usually affect you in some way.

The following includes several of the most common causes of grief:

·        Death of a family member.·        Getting fired from a job.

·        Divorce or breakup.

·        Death of a beloved pet.

·        Loss of a business.

·        Foreclosing on a home.·        Illness or medication condition.

·        Loss of a close friend.

·        Baby lost because of miscarriage.

·        Loss of financial security.

Everyone responds to loss differently and everyone grieves in different ways. Do you experience any of the following thoughts or behaviors? If so grief counseling may just be for you.

·        Difficulty getting out of bed.·        Not getting a proper balanced diet.

·        Drinking too much or taking drugs.

·        Isolating oneself or not going outside.

·        Unable to sleep or sleeping very lightly.

·        Feelings of hopelessness or can’t go on.

·        Feeling sluggish as if in a daydream.

·        Not taking care of personal hygiene.·        Not able to go to work or school.

·        Reacting negatively to people.

·        Reckless or taking unnecessary risks.

·        Feelings of suicide or homicidal feelings.

·        Difficulty being able to speak clearly.

·        Unorganized thinking or running thoughts.

 When you attend our grief counseling services you will begin recovering and you will find hope even when all seems lost:

  •        Gain an awareness of the loss that has occurred.
  •        Identify the emotions and pain associated with the loss.
  •        Safe outlet to speak to someone about the loss.
  •        Accept that the lost that has occurred.
  •        Learn new ways how to live with the loss.

Loss is a part of life and grieving is a part of the healing process. To heal you must allow yourself to grieve and to feel the pain of your loss. Speaking with a grief counselor at Achieve Wellness Group will help make the process of accepting your loss and confronting the feelings associated with your grief comfortable in a safe therapeutic environment. There is hope. With our grief counseling and some time we will get through this together.

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