The benefits of family counseling are for everyone!

If you are like most people, we all have family tensions and personal issues. Among these family issues are jealously, anger and distrust towards other members of the family. For many people these intense emotions can cripple the bond between family members causing years of frustration, sadness, and stress. Life is too short to live so emotionally disconnected from the ones that could mean the most to you.

While you have probably lived with these underlying emotions for a long time, there is still plenty of time to change your life and improve the bonds between those that you love. Life is simply too short to continue feeling the way that you do!

If you choose to change, change is on the way!

Improving the relationships between you and the other members of your family is a conscious choice that everyone in your family may eventually make, although to begin this change it can start with YOU. It is going to take courage that you probably did not know that you had, but do not fear, a lot of people have been in this same situation and have been able to improve the quality of their relationships.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather a choice to be brave that is made in the face of fear.

To begin the healing process between YOU and your family members you are going to have to reach down deep inside, make the conscious decision to be brave, and face the emotions that hold back the connection between you and your family. Understanding the way that you feel is the start to the healing process. Once you understand the emotions that you have towards your family and learn how to communicate those emotions, you will be able to begin communicating to them how you feel. Working toward forgiveness for past transgressions and are other important steps that a psychologist can help you take.

Like anything in life, communication takes practice, especially when you have been living in a family that does not communicate well. You are going to have to allow yourself and the other members of your family a chance to fail at communicating; failure is always a part of any personal improvement or therapeutic process.

Allow yourself some time; improving the relationships between you and the other members of your family is not going to happen overnight. Never try to force communicating your feelings on the ones that you love, or risk being met with strong resistance. Rather, take baby steps and if you still fail to communicate your emotions today, there’s always tomorrow!

Many medical professionals suggest that stress caused by family tensions is one of the leading contributing factors towards, not only clinical depression, but also many physical ailments such as heart disease and even cancer. With time, patience and the help of a family counselor you can improve your relationships, your health and begin living a more fulfilling-happy life. Treat yourself to an opportunity to connect with your family, you deserve to be in healthy, loving relationships and to be happy!

By Lisa Correa