When it Comes to Memories, Practice Makes Perfect

Recent Study reveals rehearsing memories makes them stick better in our minds.

By Dr. Jeffrey Walden

Practice makes perfect. Anyone who has learned to play an instrument, to dance, or to play a sport knows this to be true. We practice and practice and practice until we get it just right, and then it appears to come naturally when it’s time to perform. New research from the University of Sussex suggests this may be the case for our memory too.

In a recent study (Journal of Neuroscience, October 2015) researchers found when people were encouraged to rehearse information presented in short videos in their mind immediately after viewing them, they could recall a substantial amount of details from the videos two weeks later. By contrast, those that did not rehearse the information in their minds could recall little to no details after the same period. The research has implications for improving our ability to recall events accurately and may lead to the development of strategies to help people with memory problems.

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Brain mechanism for creating durable memories