• Welcome to Achieve Wellness Group! We believe that in order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life that a person needs to cultivate what is best within themselves to enhance their experiences of love, work and play.
    Throughout our lives there will be times of sheer joy and excitement and at other times, grief and sadness. With the stresses of the daily grind, work, relationships and taking care of children and family members, it’s very easy to lose focus and become overwhelmed. It’s natural to feel this way from time-to-time, and asking for help is part of being human!
Our counseling services are offered by a diverse group of Psychologists, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, a Neuropsychologist, a Physician Assistant, and a Psychiatrist, to meet the needs of the Tampa Bay Area and Spring Hill communities. We offer effective behavioral health treatment for psychiatric, psychological, neuropsychological, developmental, educational, relational, and behavioral issues.

Behavioral Health and Counseling Services:

    • Addiction Treatment
    • Anger Management
    • Behavioral Health
    • Couples Counseling
    • Family Counseling
    • Grief Counseling
    • Psychological Testing & Neuropsychological Testing – English & Spanish
    • Life Coaching
    • Marriage Counseling
    • Premarital Counseling
    • Relationship Counseling
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Psychiatric Services
    • Neuropsychological Testing

What Our Clients Say About Us

Achieving Wellness, Success, and Fulfillment Together

“I have been most fortunate to collaborate with Dr. Lisa Correa in the mutual care of patients with weight, health, or eating disorder related issues. She is not only highly professional and personable, but her contribution to supporting the psychological health and well being of clients has been critical to their improvement, progress, and/or recovery. The positive feedback I have received from our mutual clients has spoken volumes about Dr. Correa’s skills and talent for helping those in need.”

Christine MillerAdvanced Nutrition Concepts, Inc.

  • Convenient Behavioral Health Services.

    We offer a wide range of highly specialized behavioral health and counseling services within the Tampa Bay and Spring Hill communities. Our behavioral health service hours are flexible to fit your schedule. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. If you do not see a behavioral health service that you need please use the contact us form on our contact us page. Contact Us Here.

  • Specializing in a variety of mental health conditions.

    Our highly experienced Psychologists, Neuropsychologist, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, a Physician Assistant, and a Psychiatrist have many years of psychiatric treatment, neuropsychological and psychological assessment and one-on-one and group counseling experience. Every day it is such a joy for us to be a part of our patients’ progress. We love what we do and we really do make a difference!

  • Change is on its way!

    Our offices provide a safe place to de-stress, manage your problems and ultimately allow you to deal with your emotions so that you can live a more productive, happy life. No matter the circumstance or approach that is used, the end goal remains the same: to help discover new coping skills that will allow the patient to be able to manage and deal with the internal conflicts that hold them back.